President's Message 

Times flies when we are having fun!

I have already been in the position of the president of SJACS Vancouver Alumni for more than a year.  During these years, I met a lot of old school buddies and new friends through different kind of meetings and activities.  We are learning from each others to deal with conflicts in a harmony way, sharing and exploring different ideas with open mind as well as building up friendship with each other.  Again, I am proud of being the president of this club for we have inherited the great spirit from our Alma Mater (not facing life's challenges alone) that we are always ready to contribute more back to the communities.  

Remember! We are all come from the same root (mother school) and we have such a chance gathering here in Vancouver after so many years and so far away from our soil, therefore, we should enjoy and treasure our precious "friendship" more than anything else.  Lastly, I want to thank all Buddies and guests for supporting me and wishing everyone having a prosperous year.


Bon Wong


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